Do you sell your products on e-commerce platforms like OpenCart, Magento or WordPress or on the Emag marketplace?

Make your life easy withinfoMedia Connectors

conectori InfoMedia - Interconectarea programului de contabilitate cu platformele cele mai uzuale unde ai un magazin virtual pentru a prelua articole, comenzi si actualizare stocuri si preturi.

Productivity increases when you have centralized data - InfoMedia Connectors

We created the InfoMedia connectors to support online stores to properly manage their stock, prices and synchronize their orders placed on e-commerce platforms and marketplaces with the WinMentor and WinMentor Enterprise accounting software.

Through the connectors we provide you can elegantly import all orders from the e-commerce platforms WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, DocProcess and the Emag marketplace in WinMentor or WinMentor Enterprise. Also from these platforms you can easily import items and partners, and updating stocks and prices spreads from the accounting program to the platforms.

Conectorii ruleaza fara sa stii in fundal, sincronizandu-ti datele la un interval de 30 de minute.



Interconnecting the accounting program with the most common platforms where you have a virtual store to take items, orders and update stocks and prices.



Centralization in the WinMentor or WinMentor Enterprise accounting program of all data on all platforms where you sell your products.



Instalarea si toate setarile  ti le facem noi, TU nu va trebui sa ridici nici macar un deget.


The miracle solution?

Is the combination of the InfoMedia connectors and a CLOUD solution. This may be the answer to the problems of many entrepreneurs who end up not keeping up with data synchronization, thus intervening many stock errors leading to the loss of customers.

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