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WAITER - Restaurants management app
waiter - solutie infomedia pentru restaurante - dispozitive mobile

WinMentor integrated app

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We live in a century of speed, people no longer have patience and do not like to wait. This way your employees will have a real help in placing an order and sending it to the bar, kitchen and barbecue in a few seconds.

Traim intr-un secol al vitezei, oamenii nu mai au rabdare si nu le place sa astepte. Astfel angajatii tai vor avea parte de un ajutor real in a face o comanda si a o trimite catre bar, bucatarie si gratar in cateva secunde.

Waiter is a restaurant application designed to make workflow times easier and more efficient. The relations between the client-waiter and the relations between the employees will become more relaxed, eliminating the main stress factor that is waiting in line. The waiter will be able to take an order very quickly from the designated tables, directly from the mobile phones. The order will leave immediately in the form of a purchase order to the printers of the preparation areas.

Do you have more locations for your restaurant? No problem! You can manage them in one application.

From the administration side, you can find out through various reports how your business is and your accounting department will have everything you need to carry out their work without any problems.

waiter - de ce sa alegi waiter - solutie digitala pentru restaurante si cafenele - aplicatie restaurante

Why choose Waiter - restaurant application

  • Order pick-up time is significantly reduced - the most valuable asset of this application. The orders are taken directly on the tablet or mobile phone and they are been sent automatically to the printers in the preparation areas: kitchen, bar and barbecue area.
  • Issuing order receipts to the kitchen, bar and barbecue areas.
  • Reducing mistakes made by waiters.
  • Evidence of orders on tables by waiters.
  • The control of table reservations is made through the feature from the application suggestively called Reservations. This area contributes to the administration of the reservations made by the client, which allows the personalization of the tables and their easier management.
  • Prioritizing orders and creating a fluid workflow between serving areas and cooking areas.
  • Simultaneous orders made by several waiters directly from their phone, without expecting each other
  • The application runs on any mobile device, tablet or phone

WinMentor administration

In the WinMentor administration part you can manage all the data of the application, such as users, settings, commands, reports, recipes, ingredients and much more:

  • Managers can see and keep a clear record of receipts, sales through a wide range of reports.
  • Evidence of product stock
  • The information is directly visible by the accounting
  • Payment notes, invoices and fiscal receipts
  • Evidence of recipes, configuration and the possibility of creating subnets for each product
  • Stock receipt and listing of receipt documents
  • Inventory
  • Issuing documents such as notices, receipts, consumption vouchers
  • Sales reports by products, by waiters, supply reports, management reports and uncollected invoices customer-supplier
  • Centralizing sales and receptions, product sheets

This list contains only a few points from the ERP and can be customized according to what YOU need.

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Do you have another type of business?

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